It’s time to start shaving with style and class

You are probably tired of shaving with your over-hyped cartridge razors but cannot seem to get a better alternative. For some time, you have been wondering why the one you see in those ads are different from the ones you are using. The point is, those ads are mere exaggerations. They are meant to make you think those supermarket-style cartridge razors are the best. The good thing is that you have realized the truth now.

Yes, those multi-blade razors look cool in ads and they are visually stunning. The way the men in the adverts make use of them is also awesome. There is no way the same cartridge razors are the ones that are giving you issues. There has to be an explanation right? Well, it is the same set of razors and the explanation is that those ads are in the world of fantasies. In fantasies, those razors are the very best but in reality, they are awful.

How many issues do you want to keep coping with? Aren’t you tired of the razor burns and skin irritations that the purported super razors give you? What about how expensive the blade replacement is? You don’t want to talk about the low quality shaving gel that comes with them. Think of how long it takes you to wash off the sticky mess that the gel leaves. You sure cannot continue that way.

Oh, electric razors that could have been a better alternative have their issues too. Electric razors are not only expensive, they tug and pull your hair and still don’t deliver premium performance. So, you feel it’s a matter of choosing between skin irritation of multi-blade razors or the stubble left behind by electric razors after pulling and tugging your hair. To make things even worse, some razors leave strands of hair in the bathroom and that can be disgusting to ladies.

You may have encountered any of the issues before, to continue experiencing them is simply a matter of choice now. Why? Because there are new double-edge safety razors with high quality shaving creams that make shaving fun for men now. The company named ElegantBeard has come up with products that will give you and other men a wonderful shaving experience. Apart from the fact that their double-edge razors do not give skin irritation and they don’t pull your hair, find the other benefits that they offer below. Continue reading to see why you should make the shift today.

Better performance

The razors shave your hair smoothly without leaving any stubble or causing skin irritation. In addition, since the shaving creams come with high quality natural ingredients, they produce more protective and thicker lather that vanishes with shaving strokes. It’s needless to say they won’t leave any sticky residue on your skin. Instead, your skin will be smooth and moisturized. Most importantly, the creams are available in a wide variety of fragrances. Even if you keep beard, these razors will help you tidy up the edges of your beard to make you look trendy unlike cartridge razors that will leave you with some stubble.

Cost effectiveness

It takes just 3 – 5 shaves for the razors to get dull, a period shorter than what cartridge razors offer. Nevertheless, double-edge razors are still more cost effective than cartridge razors and electric razors in the long run. With the new double-edge razors, you will save a little over $100 within a year and almost $300 in two years.


The option is more eco-friendly. The cartridge razors are made of plastic and they are disposable so they give more workload to the landfills. The new double-edge razors are made of metals so they can be recycled many times, thereby leaving nothing to be sent to the landfills.

Visual appeal

Another quality of the new double-edge razors that should be mentioned is their visual appeal. They are trendier, more stylish, and they look better than the cartridge razors. In other words, they combine quality performance with style and visual appeal. This is why placing them in your bathroom will give it a touch of class. In fact, these new razors will make you look forward to your morning shaving sessions now.

What are you waiting for? Why not order your pack of the new double-edge razors and shaving creams today and desist from suffering yourself during shaving sessions?